Blister Packaging Machinery Innovation Brings New Benefits

Blister packaging machinery and overall pharmaceutical packaging equipment specialists, Sepha, have released a key upgrade for the EZ Blister, the lab scale sized packaging machine. New features on the upgraded model bring benefits which meet the ever changing and exacting needs of modern pharmaceutical development and manufacturing.

For instance, the new material auto feed function increases your overall rate of production while reducing the operator input leading to greater efficiencies.

These are all optional extras that enable users to create a customized bespoke device to suit their packaging requirements to meet ever changing regulatory and compliance requirements. For Procurement Managers and other key decision making stakeholders. It also ticks all the right boxes in terms of adding significant and measurable added value, as well as meeting cross departmental budgetary constraints.


A key development is the new optional material auto feed function allowing optimum operating speeds and a superior finish on sealed packs. 

This add on includes a workstation with a reel holder and a roller based tensioning system that keeps the materials in place and feeds predetermined amounts through the machine for forming or sealing.

EZ Blister Auto increases the rate of production to approximately 300-500 cycles per hour for any single operation.

The additional functionality is now available as an optional extra buy ivermectin on all new EZ Blister machines.

Good News: Retrofitting is available on some existing models

Current users of most HMI touchscreen EZ Blister models can get an upgrade on their existing machines to include this function. This copper-fastens the value these machines bring and make them a near must have in pharmaceutical blister packaging operations.

See EZ Blister Machine Innovation for more details.

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